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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Dear Ken,

I started this thread, asking a specific question:
Does this so called "stance of heaven (and earth)" relate to things thought or taught concerning IS?
To show what I mean, I posted a specific video:
Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I rose this question because this kamae is emphasized by the teacher of my teacher. He (often) is waiting for the attack this way. And he (often) uses this kamae when throwing.
So first aspect is to learn more aobut this stance, this kamae in itself.

I rose this question because I was taught aikido to be an "internal" martial art from the beginning of my practice some 18 years ago. I come from a completely different background and don' thave any connection with anyone oft the people using IS/IP who post here on aikiweb. (Which I regret deeply. I hope very much to have the oportunity to join a seminar with dan when he is back in Europe.) We used the term "internal" years before I ever heard of aikiweb. And we did visualisation practice or tanden practices long before I even knew that this isn't taught in every dojo.
So the second aspect of my question is to learn more about their specific understanding of this kamae.

And I got some very detailed and interesting answers which I appreciate very much!
And which show me clearly that I still have to learn a lot ... I just touched the surface.

So if you could give some hints about this specific kamae and it's context to inner training of the body or inner aspects of moving, I would be thankful.

If you just want to make clear that my question is dumb, I would also appreciate if you would tell me why.

But - if you just want to follow your personal interest and discuss the sence or nonsence of internal work - which colour it may have - and your personal conflicts of opinion with some specific people, I'd like you to not do this in this thread!
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