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David Yap
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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

Hi Clark sensei,

Just like the OP, I was trying to put a name to the technique. I did not delve into the mechanics of the technique. I chose to use the term "connection" as I am of those who did not believe in "no-touch" aikido - no connection no aikido. Having been accused of using karate in aikido techniques, I tend to avoid the use of atemi in my aikido.

I attempted to split hair for a "nage" and a "otoshi". Do you think I need to?



Abas, the two hands application is shifting the center on a horizon plane, sort of like gather the plates over the edge of the table and they'll drop off naturally. What you described is actually muscling/forcing the plates to go down even before they reach the edge. Koshi is using the hips as a fulcrum to move a body. We should do more aiki lab practices.
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