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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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You constantly try. You dont try only when you're stumped.

If you don't shift your weight you die. It's that simple. How about having the courage to post one video of your amazing secret skills at use in defense against realistic attacks? By you I mean Harden or anyone who allegedly has the secret.
Yes, you're right, I do try to help people who are actually trying to understand these concepts. But you're only looking for ammunition. Why should I give you any?

I don't claim to have any particular secrets. If you want to see what kind of training I'm doing, you're welcome to come to any of our seminars. I realize that Seattle is a long way, though, so I'd also encourage you to introduce yourself to Ledyard Sensei at Winter Camp. I'm sure he'd be happy to demonstrate these ideas in person.

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