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Re: O Sensei observation

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
I dont understand what part of simple English that people find so difficult to follow.
Disagreeing with you does not equal a lack of English comprehension.

1) O Sensei did a variety of things in different circumstances.
That's your theory. Some think that O Sensei's aiki was based on one single, fundamental idea, and that it informed everything he did (all external manifestations).

2) Sensei's ability to ground out significant force was one thing he could do. Tae Chi masters do things like this too.
These skill are the result of a trained martial body. Ask Tai Chi masters if they turn off these skills under "different circustances". Ask anybody who has these skills if they default to "normal" movement or blending/leading under any circumstance. By their own admissions, once they have these skills they are expressed in all their movements.

3) the fact that O Sensei did what you describe some of the time does not mean it was the end all be all Aiki or that what most of us take Aiki to be is wrong.
Perhaps what you perceive O Sensei doing "some of the time" is actually something that informs everything he did. I think it's a notion worth exploring... if we want to do his art.

4) if these guys were trying to stab him he would have done something different.
You seem to be under the impression that the internal skills that O Sensei used to "ground significant force" are only useful for static drills and tricks. They're not; they will give you greater speed, stability, power and more sophisticated ability to manipualte forces -- in movement. Anyway when it comes to weapons, it's better to ask especialists what would work or not under a weapon attack. (By the way, did O Sensei teach tanto-dori, or was that a modern addition?)
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