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Re: O Sensei observation

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hold on. So Kobayashi knew what Ueshiba was thinking? That's quite a skill.

Now let's investigate this further.1) Ueshiba didn't like it and said what's the point 2) But it was good for training. 3) So it was added anyway. Mmmmmm. Sounds like another who didn't quite understand something. (or maybe a mistranslation)

Plus Kokyu was emphasized by Ueshiba and as time progressed more and more so. Let's not confuse this with technique though and set kokyunage.

Lastly and more importantly I am giving an answer to Chris from my observations and I see the priciples of Kokyu at play. So who said what when means nothing to me. However if others see other things or principles in play then that is also interesting.

Well, he was talking about a public demonstration that Ueshiba had no part in planning. That it was added anyway says more about who was doing the planning than about Kobayashi's correctness. You might also think about why someone steeped in Takeda type paranoia would be showing something that he thought wasn't all that valuable (Saito talked about it too, it's not just Kobayashi).

Anyway, wouldn't Kobayashi seems to have a better chance of reading his mind then you?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I would say it does show his preference for kokyu myself.


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