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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Here's a point for those interested on Ueshibas Teaching ability. Let's put some more emphasis on the students study ability and let me point out something in the west you are quite familiar with.

What do you have at Universities? Be they Harvard or Oxford. Do you have senior teachers or senior lecturers? What's the difference?

Senior lecturers are considered the tops but what do they do? Basically they lecture. It is up to the student to take notes and study and practice in their own time.

So Ueshiba did both and and a lot of the lecturing side also. Now which students went and did their homework on his lectures? Compare that to which students just said 'No one understood him'

Now compare that to how many thousands also say that as they progress they begin to understand what Ueshiba meant when he said.....

As I repeatedly say, it's not the teacher you should look at usually, it's the student. Bad students blame the teacher, the book, the cat whatever.

Now add to that also Shuhari and and you will see that only good students can learn this way, it's the way he learned and he was a great student.

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