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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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Very true Josh - Although it may appear that most of the IS talk is centered around static non-moving exercises, that is simply very basic stuff to build a foundation - the true goal is to establish the whole body balanced connection and maintain it WHILE moving. Also, I think Phi had some good comments on weight shifting and moving.

Just my opinion on things, and YMMV

Good God. Imagine talking to some people about not moving at all while moving on the inside, or that punching air can give you knock out, bone breaking power. I have read these debates, been in these debates for decades. Never once...not even once.. did it end well for those guys arguing against it. What's the point about telling them how it leads to incredible mobility and stability without tellegraphed motion or wind up?

Ignorance takes on many faces. Phi is right, and you have pointed it out yourself -that since we all know the truth, and we know we are inescapably correct and their opinions always fail, in person, that even when they rage against the machine on the net, we need to hold our temper and try to remain polite. I mean I have been called a liar, a con man, a snake oil salesman, people discussing how much I make (I think an unprecidented slight) and any number of things in these pages, then see people get all huffy when I finally get ticked off. This, after not one of their teachers has been able to handle this, in person. Not even one. And then they all want to train it and we become friends! And I'm the one who has to be patient? Good God!

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