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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

Ken McGrew writes:
I note that the ASU members who so often defend the coalition around internal training and the historical revisionism, who host seminars for this coalition, who attack me or allow others to attack me, are silent as our teacher is accused of dishonesty. Part of Budo is loyalty. Budo men indeed.
With that, you sir.... just finished putting Bill Gleason, George Ledyard, Josh Drachman, And oh about 6 other 5th dans under Saotome all on the hook And publicly admonitioned them to boot!
Personally, I have rarely seen such poor behavior by a representative of an art....well..wait I can think of one other guy who did here.

But engaging in this discussion let's the people who started it off the hook. Their claim is not that Saotome Sensei, or his publisher, may have gotten the dates wrong on occasion. Their claims are that Saotome Sensei did not learn the real Aiki of Aikido from O Sensei, because their claim is that no one did, and that O Sensei retired in 1941.
This is not our claim, and never was. It is your own warped and twisted dialogue exagerating a view none of us hold. I have refuted it loooong before you showed up, and I will continue to do so in public and in private. We differentiated between Ueshiba's aikido and even named some of those who pursued it...from Kisshomaru's. Learn to read.
Notice I am still not attacking you... I am discussing your lack of cogency and coherency in debate. I think it is intentional. You have not even one time given a backdrop or tried to broaden a view. George laid things out well and put many issues to rest while in essence not dissagreeing with Stan, Ellis, Peter, Chris, Raul, Marc, Brad, Demetrio or myself (gees did miss anyone?).
This was a good lesson for you if you will review.

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