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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
I certainly agree with what Ledyard Sensei has said here. But engaging in this discussion let's the people who started it off the hook. Their claim is not that Saotome Sensei, or his publisher, may have gotten the dates wrong on occasion. Their claims are that Saotome Sensei did not learn the real Aiki of Aikido from O Sensei, because their claim is that no one did, and that O Sensei retired in 1941. What is at issue here are not dates but all the detailed accounts that Saotome Sensei, and other direct students, have given about their time with O Sensei, the fact that O Sensei believed he had improved Aikido after the war, and the fact that he was happy with their understanding of Aiki and Aikido. Read the posts. This is their real agenda.

You have a lot of chutzpah to "agree" with George, particularly, since he is one of the people who you DIRECTLY challenged in terms of his integrity as a man of budo. How do you think that George perceives you and your efforts?

What is equally depth defying is your continued distortions of what people are actually saying in this and in other threads in order to justify your idiosyncratic perceptions of things.

People have reached out to you publicly and privately encouraging you to step back and stop posting. You have publicly questioned the integrity of people so far over your "pay grade" that if defies any logical explanation. You are doing yourself a big disservice by not taking the advice that people are offering you. Stop while you are way behind. Some holes do not have ways out.... This is a public service announcement solely for the purpose of hoping that you stop this self-destructive process that you seem to be engaged in.

Marc Abrams