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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

I just had an excellent practice with somebody, he is 6th dan. He can deliver very powerful full speed attack and still controls well his balance. Sensei called hanmi handachi yokomenuchi kotegaeshi and he was attacking me. I had to deploy all my capacities and I used my full experience, yet, I could him unbalance may be twice during 10 minutes. Of course, even in those cases, he recovered his balance immediately I couldn’t even start kotegaeshi.

I was so happy (finally I had something to work on!!), but in the same time, couldn’t find even theoretical solution. I’ve been trying irimi outside of his attacking leg – that actually was twice successful, but couldn’t maintain unbalancing. Other entry was what we call tenchi (pivot on the back foot, front foot goes back behind back foot, 45 degree out of attack line). Most of the time reception of his attack was not soft enough to ‘invite’ him to my space so he bounced back.

As we were hanmi handachi, I couldn’t enter rimi inside of his attacking leg to cut his head/center as it is possible when two ppl are standing. Being on my knees and he standing, he was much more mobile than me and I couldn’t play successfully with distance to ambush him.
Very obviously you can’t catch attacking hand neither to use vertical dimension to put him on my level….
Nice experience.


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