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Re: O Sensei observation

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
Do all those examples require exact timimg though ken. If so, what would happen if he was to fast or slow in reacting?

I'm not sure I understand the question.

But I would say this. Take Musu Aiki is related to the ability to spontaneously change in a manner appropriate to the situation. I have never said that there is one right way to do Aikido. You need as many possible responses in your skill set as possible. In general, however, timing, distance, stance are always important. Even preferable. It's much better if Uke falls down largely from his own attack energy. If that doesn't happen then plan b. Then plan C. Etc. The problem is that once Uke's momentum has stopped he is therefore able to regain balance. Balance allows him to make new attacks and change. Thus the danger becomes less predictable and multiplies. It is always a good idea, then, to assume that he is hiding a knife in a real attack situation.

But I thought this was a discussion about O Sensei allegedly always showing the principle of in yo ho as evidenced by him leaving one hand dangling. I would suggest that from close examination of the videos of O Sensei that he does so the minority of the time and he does so basically to show off. As if he was saying, look my timing is so perfect that I can throw with a fan, while standing on one foot, with my other hand not even used.

Let me be clear, the spiral style tenchinage is fine, so long as you protect yourself from kicks, Uke changing the attack, or multiple attackers. It's a very nice exercise. But could get you killed if you are too invested in doing it just this one way.

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