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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

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I certainly agree with what Ledyard Sensei has said here. But engaging in this discussion let's the people who started it off the hook. Their claim is not that Saotome Sensei, or his publisher, may have gotten the dates wrong on occasion. Their claims are that Saotome Sensei did not learn the real Aiki of Aikido from O Sensei, because their claim is that no one did, and that O Sensei retired in 1941. What is at issue here are not dates but all the detailed accounts that Saotome Sensei, and other direct students, have given about their time with O Sensei, the fact that O Sensei believed he had improved Aikido after the war, and the fact that he was happy with their understanding of Aiki and Aikido. Read the posts. This is their real agenda.
You don't know when to let up do you? I am sick and tired of you misscharacterizing what was actually being said.
You remove all qualifiers and nuance and then re-state things far beyond their initial intent until you are in effect putting words in our mouths. This is not communication.
Many here continue to correct this behavior in you.

As being a representative for is you sir who should seriously consider what you are saying, who you are saying it for (do you think Saotome likes what you are doing here?) and who you are saying it to.
Just this morning in my in box I was again reminded of my own refrain; "The best information in budo is done in private." It saves a world of embarrassment to many parties.

You....are not doing too well, among the very organization you are trying "to defend." I for one, tried to tell you that on several a deaf ear.
For the record, I have not agreed with a single position you stated I hold, and several times I actually think exactly the opposite of what you claim I said.
Good bye