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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

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Interesting topic and discussion. I am not interested in proving or disproving how many years he spent or did not spend with O'sensei, AND as an ASU person, I certainly respect Saotome Sensei as my Shihan and have learned alot from him and his senior students over the years, so for that, I owe a great amount to...AND it should take NOTHING away from him.

However, I also think it is good to ascertain how much time he spent with O'Sensei to put in proper perspective the whole "transmission" issue and it helps me put in perspective how important (or not) it is to have spent time with one particular person (or not). That is the extent of my curiosity.

I could careless about an scandal, honesty, or disclosure issues around it. But is nice to have a more accurate understanding about things for sure.
great post. my sentiment is the same.

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