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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Context is everything yes. So we had better look in the field of martial arts then and compare and contrast. How many received the purple ribbon and how many the order of the rising sun?
Without much searching I've found:

Order of the Rising Sun:
- Jigoro Kano (Judo)
- George Kerr (Judo)

Order of the Sacred Treasure:
- Trevor Legget (Judo)
- Keiko Fukuda (Judo)
- Anton Geesink (Judo)

Medal of honor - Purple Ribbon
- Yosaburo Uno (Kyudo)
- Kyuzo Mifune (Judo)
- Kinnosuke Ogawa (Kendo)
- Seiji Mochida (Kendo)
- Kaichiro Samura (Judo)
- Yasuhiro Yamashita (Judo)
- Ryoko Tamura (Judo)

So maybe you are giving much weight to the "national treasure" issue, and the other questions you possed could be easily answered. Do you want them answered?

But alas, maybe some are jealous and seek to put him as less. I often wonder why
Or maybe is about seeking to put him as he was. Do you think the founder, and what he developed, need lies, disinformation and soviet style propaganda to be fully appreciated?
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