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Re: Saotome Sensei's Training History

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Ahh, very good. Quite a bit. That's good. No exaggeration there then.

So what's with all the emphasis on numbers in the past thread. If someone tells me they have been training with Dan for the last five years I take it that they have known him for such time and done some training with him and that they are practising to the best of their ability what he gave them to practice when they can. It doesn't equal to me that they mean they are with him all the time.

Now if you really want a converse example how's this: I am very good at Aikido taught by Tohei yet have trained with him for 0 years.

I think that the implication has generally been that the "uchi-deshi" were training with Ueshiba full time daily for whatever period they were there as uchi-deshi.