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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
See: National Treasures of Japan
Also: Living National Treasures of Japan

I can count more than 15, lots of them not royalty.... like this cartoonist And there says the list is not complete.

But this is a wrong quote. What he received was the Order of the Sacred Treasure.

My point is: Ueshiba received honours? yes, deserved? yes, but look at the people who received the same honours than him and you can see which kind these honours are.

Context is everything.
Context is everything yes. So we had better look in the field of martial arts then and compare and contrast. How many received the purple ribbon and how many the order of the rising sun?

Indeed how many outside received the latter? Context.

How many have a special rememberance day in their honour? Context.

How many had personal students asked for to give private Audience with heads of state ie: at the white house, thus representing?

How pleased is Japan still to say He was and is ours and proudly acknowledge him as special?

To be honoured and then to honoured again posthumously shows what the Government think of such a person, shows they have that person as a national treasure. I need say no more.

In the martial arts world, that's worldwide, he is renowned and respected.

I would say he's a worldwide treasure ha, ha. But alas, maybe some are jealous and seek to put him as less. I often wonder why?

I wonder how good he is for the tourist trade in Japan? I bet their's a virtual pilgrimage to places associated with him. Mmmmm. More context.

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