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Re: The Founder's Teaching Ability

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So what is this 'other thing?'
See: National Treasures of Japan
Also: Living National Treasures of Japan

Regarding awards, he was awarded the Purple Ribbon Medal and also the The Order of The Rising Sun from what I can make out. Whilst still alive I might add. Now only about 15 people ever have been awarded higher than that and they were mainly royalty.
I can count more than 15, lots of them not royalty.... like this cartoonist And there says the list is not complete.

It is widely quoted that he was declared posthumously by the Japanese government as a Sacred National Treasure.
But this is a wrong quote. What he received was the Order of the Sacred Treasure.

My point is: Ueshiba received honours? yes, deserved? yes, but look at the people who received the same honours than him and you can see which kind these honours are.

Context is everything.
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