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Re: I want monkey toes!

I have toes a little like that and I'm not 100% sure what it's from, but I do practice wiggling and spreading out my toes almost unconsciously and have since I was a's a little like when I first tried doing the "live long and prosper" vulcan gang sign in that it's more about relaxing the toes/etc. than muscling them into position.
I also massage and stretch my shins and calves quite a bit. The outside of the shins seem to have a big effect on my foot tension. I'm flat-footed and grew up playing soccer and skiing a lot so my feet and legs tend to be relatively tight. A good massage along the outter edge of my shins and I can feel my feet and toes loosen up.
I've been looking for the Shodokan warm up, which also has some basic foot warm up movements, but haven't found them yet. If I can't find them I think I have a book with them in it and will try to scan it for you.
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