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Re: O Sensei observation

Hi Chris! O-sensei used to say "enter form,exit form" and what he meant by that in my opinion is that as a beginer and for a lot of your first years in aikido training you should follow a form in order to learn the techniques and the basic principles of aikido.Once aikido has become a second nature through this process,you then become "free" of the form and you just execute the techniques without thinking. I believe that at the latest of his videos O-sensei is in such an advanced stage in his technique,that being absolutelly free of any form he is just using his Ki and aikido principles without any visible, obvious and clear "technique". Everything in aikido is internaly based,there is no separation between "technique" and "philosophy". Aikido is a non-resisting martial art.That is its philosophy and application simultaneously! It's a way to avoid any conflict and fighting but also a way to remain calm, peaceful and in harmony with the attacker even during a fighting situation. All of the above reflect my opinion through my experience in the years i am training in aikido which is the most important aspect of my life.But we must always remember that O-sensei is not an easy person to explain, so i just hope that my post helped you in some way...
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