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Chris Knight
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O Sensei observation

This may have been discussed before but as I'm a newbie, gonna ask anyway

In the vast majority of videos of O Sensei that I've watched, he is constantly throwing and even performing a lot of techniques with one arm in the air and one down to earth. I know this is part of tenchi nage etc, but he seems to incorparate this into the vast majority of body movements, and applications.

Is this part of the yin-yang element in aikido, and does this form part of in yo-ho or is this element more internally based...
I watched a lot of practitioners recently and a lot don't perform techniques like this , especially kokyu nages etc..

Another observation is that he constantly forms a spherical shape with his arms, not down by his sides like a lot of practitioners... I know there are clips like this of him, but I'm on about the vast majority of times

Is this to do with keeping the body like a sphere/ six direction training or am I completely off target??

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