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I want monkey toes!

Some people in my dojo are gifted with "monkey toes" -- they're long and veeery flexible. Getting their toes alive in a comfortable position during suwari waza is a breeze for these people. Me...not so much. My toes are short and don't have the flexibility I'd like -- I'm more on the tips than on the pads, which makes suwari waza difficult if I'm trying to stay low and not rise up and defeat the whole purpose. I don't think I'll ever have "monkey toes", but I am sure I could do something to improve my toe flexibility if I work at it. Has anyone ever tried this? Do you have a method that you used, and were you able to get results from it?

(also...please, let's not turn this thread into a debate about whether we should be doing suwari waza at all. If you want to debate that, please start your own thread)
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