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Re: O'Sensei teaching Aikido at the Hombu Dojo after WWII

O'Sensei, Master Teacher. Makes sense to me. What's the problem?

If you want to study his teaching methods then I would say study them only, not what he didn't do or where he was or even how often. All teachers have their way of teaching and their own methods so anyone who says 'he just did whatever came to mind ' or such things obviously didn't get his method of teaching or are being misunderstood by those reading those comments.

Why the question in the first place anyway? Someone trying to prove something?

It's very simple to understand O'Senseis scene with regards to teaching his art but to do so you have to recognise what the scene was in the first place.

He was in big demand. His aikibudo then aikido was in big demand. This presents a problem. You can't be in two places or twenty places at once.

Thus, as the founder, or if you like the leader, you delegate. Delegate and organise. You now become the teacher of teachers who may then go out and represent. Simple really.

Then we may look again and see what parts of organisation was delegated to whom. He's the boss, he delegates. Meanwhile he carries on with the parts he specializes in. In his case this would be research and developement and improvement and the passing on of that. Simple really.

Now, he had one other problem too. People were too far behind him to understand what he had to say in it's fullness so when he saw one person who grasped or had a grasp of one aspect necessary to it's dissemination then that person would be promoted so that at least that aspect would be out there. And so on.

So this nonsense about if this or if that then you would have people beating down your door isn't real. No one really wants that unless they are some super ego and want to end up a showman putting on performances three times a night to some adoring audience.

No, anyone of any worth would be more interested in getting their message out, that's all. Their way.

Now add to that the next factor. Once you do this you must remember you are dealing with human beings. Oh dear.


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