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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

If we're going to use names we should follow a pattern. Most Japanese terms are either: descriptive of physical movement, descriptive of intent/timing, or poetic imagery. These most often carry real information. Some "poetic" terms such as kokyunage carry very little information as all waza when done properly could be called kokyunage. Aikiotoshi, for example, carries little information as again, a great number of waza could be called this. One waza in Tomiki's kata groups was called aikinage while other groups often call the same waza iriminage, which again to my mind, both those terms could be used for most waza when done well. Semantics of this nature have a place for discussion but as the post above reads... "when in Rome..." usually works best. It's the quality of the waza not the name that's important.

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