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Re: O'Sensei teaching Aikido at the Hombu Dojo after WWII

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Yasuo Kobayashi, uchideshi of that era and 8th dan, recalled: "About this time there were the following incidents. People came from the countryside suddenly demanding an Aikido 10th dan license. This was because in the old days, when O-Sensei was teaching in the local areas, he would notice someone who, for just a moment, seemed to understand, and he'd say, "Oh, this guy's got it. I'll give him a 10th dan."" It seemed he would easily say things like, "You're great! Let's make you a 9th dan,"" to people who took him at his word, even though they may bave been only a 3rd or 4th dan. That was one face of O-Sensei. He'd just say something like, "You're a 9th dan or 10th dan,"" When I was younger, O-Sensei told me, too, many times, that I was a 9th or 10th dan. The other uchideshi were also "promoted" to 9th or 10th dan many times."
There was a person in the remote countryside who was very proud of a certificate from Ueshiba naming him the highest Shihan in that area - John (Stevens) made a comment like "Isn't that a little bit like being the Shihan of the North Pole?" - but the guy didn't seem to appreciate the humor



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