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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

Check out any Kodokan book that talks about basic principles... taiotoshi is always part of the tewaza syllabus and uchimata is ashiwaza. Throws can be done that are good waza and will score ippon, etc., but they are hybrids. Some teachers taught throws the way they wanted and liked to do them and called them by the name in the original go kyo no waza. I have no problem with doing a waza that "works" as long as it follows principle and has no intended harm in it (unless in a drastic defense situation outside the regular training). However, to really understand and pass on the system of Kodokan judo the difference is important. Then you can do either one. Anyone that has ever trained with me knows that I am not one that's shy about "bucking the system"... for a good reason and taking responsibility for it. Just know the difference if you claim to be passing on KDK system. Shiai is not the only reason to study and practice judo.

Best regards and respect for their ability and love of judo to those guys you know. I may have had hands on them and enjoyed the experience.

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