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Re: Aikido taiotoshi?

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Another example, many lower level judoka throw uchimata with actions that are really koshiwaza, or hip throws. Uchimata is an ashiwaza.
I only ever went to shodan in judo but my sandan sempai, my yondan sensei, and my other sensei, a godan (and Olympic silver medalist, 1964) all included uchimata in koshiwaza - teaching that the upswept leg was insurance if the hips didn't do the job. My three sensei had only one thing in common - long stays in Japan. Respectively they were South African, Irish, and Canadian.
But what did they know..

I think the shortest stay any of them had in Japan, training, was 5 years.

However, I see in Kodokan Judo (Kano, 1994 paperback, p 75) that it discusses reaping the inner thigh with the thigh, but back in the 1970s it was taught to me as a hip throw.

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