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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Bob Strahinjevich wrote: View Post
Ok, but doesn't atari basically equate to Atteru, which means "match" or "win", ...
The word Endo sensei uses is 当たり (from 当てる - a te ru). It is related to 当て身 (a te mi).So his is different from what Josua Reyer suggested.
When sensei talks in english he uses the words "engagement" and "connection" to translate what atari means: "... the atari of ki and ki and of body and body, the connection between ki and ki, the connection at the point of contact between body and body".

... with the idea being, by the time he gets there, you've won already?
This is not the idea of atari as it is understood in our practice. atari as far as I understand it, means that tori touches aite or is touched by aite and now uses this touch, this connection of the two bodies, to guide aite.
It's a little bit like to "chime in" the steering of aites body by touching him or by being touched by him. And we practice this beginning with static exercises. So there is no anticipating or being before.

Kinda like that diagram and video I cited?
What I see in your video is different from what I know as atari. And also your Diagram doesn't fit to my understanding of atari.
Guiding by atari can use big movements. Or can use very small or just not to be seen or felt movements.
But atari can also be used to send the energy or power of aite directly back on just the same way it came to you. This would be the above on the left side of your diagram. This feels like runnig into cotton wool. But it has an effect like walking into a wall made of granite. Both feelings at the same time.
This is because the atari is "created from inside out" and not only by the touched part of the body. It is more about on struture affecting another structure.
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