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Re: O'Sensei teaching Aikido at the Hombu Dojo after WWII

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Which also suggests that the people who were the closest students of Ueshiba Sensei are not necessarily the ones most likely to have "the goods." Is there a list of people who argued with him and stormed out of the dojo in disgust? Or perhaps we should look at the later uchi-deshi, who weren't as far along in their training when he died and were thus thrown back on their own resources.

Well if we're talking about people (as in plural) who got chances (more than one opportunity for the Founder to pass on his knowledge), there is another important issue that underlies a lot of these debates: That is whether or not the founder was actually any good at teaching. Related to this is the idea that he didn't care if his art got passed on.

Was he a "great teacher" (an "Osensei") only because he provided the subject to be taught? In other words, I'm asking if he didn't understand basic teaching methods or was too crazy to stick to them. Or did he actually have some degree of pedagogical skill? In the latter case, did he deliberately choose not to use it in order to keep the goods to himself?

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