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As for Ken's original post, I can't understand how someone could say that he doesn't know where the rank came from but that he has to respect it. Why? What if the guy gave himself the rank? Or what if he got it from an unrecognized teacher who is not sanctioned by any organization? Perhaps there is some misunderstanding, but it would be seriously abnormal to accept a rank without validating that it was awarded by a reputable teacher or organization. Even if the student has a rank through an organization, usually a teacher will want to know who, specifically, awarded that rank. Once it has been established that rank comes from a reputable source, the rank will usually be respected as a courtesy to the teacher and organization that awarded it rather than to the student.

Ken, if I were you I would want to know where the student trained and recieved his rank out of curiosity if nothing else. Your teacher should be in a better position than you to assess what this student's actual ranking should be, and he may well feel that the student deserves his rank based on his behavior on the mat. But I would not call this respecting his rank as much as respecting his technique. You should know the difference, and if you are still puzzled about the situation then maybe you should approach your teacher about it in a diplomatic manner.

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