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Re: Principles of pinning

The layperson's idea of pinning is that restraint is acheived by using force equal or greater than that of his opponent. That's why it helps for LEOs to be a big guys. They'll probably be stronger than most and if nothing else they can use their weight and mass to acheive submissions, even if they lack martial arts skills.

The point of a pin is to let the person know that resistance will only increase thier pain. If they resist, and that resistance is not met with agony, then the pin is not being performed effectively. The reason LEOs prefer brute force over clean arm pins is because the criminals they apprehend are not well trained uke's. A real uke knows that when nage puts him in a painful pin, further resistance will only mean extreme pain and broken bones. But some out of control crackhead won't know that. Suspects will resist, and they'd even break their own limbs in order to do it. Then you have a police brutality issue on your hands, eventhough it was the criminal's fault for not complying.
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