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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

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Just like if your goal is to kill people then it would be better to hone your skills in firearms than in swords ...
Well, becoming psychotic is the straigth way to learn to kill people.
Again, effectiveness is just one way of considering martial arts and it may be the first to come in the meeting of Aikido or Kenjutsu but one cannot stay stuck with it. Effectiveness embrasses much more than making someone yield to one's own will. It starts with knowing what is one's own will and what are the multiple paths to the realization of one's own will. Then one has to understand if they are worth the pain inflicted, to oneself in the training and to the other in doing the action. After one has to consider to what extent one wishes to push one's own will forward.
Being the most powerfull does not give instantly the effect one aims at. Effectiveness does not imply victory but attaining the effect one has in mind. Then what is in one's mind? Personnal will to the extent of being able to kill?
There must be limits. Or one ends up with becoming psychotic, etc.
Practicing martial arts, Aikido or Kenjutsu or else leads us to learn what one really is aiming at and deepening the understanding of our mind.
Without such an inspection, one projects outside an ugly inside.
As I see it, power does not make an army victorious, neither does it attain victory in a peaceful land. It just secures the weak from the feeling of their weakness.
If power submits to understanding, then it is a brilliant find and validates the search.
One has to meet Kenjutsu before declaring the aim is to kill fast and direct. The truth is rarely what is held as obvious. It requires a thorough study. Please study Kenjutsu. After, lets discuss.
In such depth, it may not differ from Aikido.

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