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Marc Abrams
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Re: Commitment into the attack

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Marc, I appreciate your invitation, but I'm a busy person for the moment. But !!! I can have few minutes to read your description here

I love it when Nishio Sensei would talk about static practice as not being budo. Controlling your space is a critical component. When a person has entered this space they need to address something that is welcoming them to that space . Imaizumi Sensei speaks about this when he says that if you move properly, you do not need technique. Based upon how the person has responded to your "greeting" will provide you with information as to where to go from there. When there is a tie-up, like in wrestling, you still need to control your space through posture and stuff that you write off as esoteric. When the person attempts to apply force, the force is redirected in such a manner that it causes the attacker to become off-balanced, stuck, etc. and then you should have enough information to know where to go from there. How is that for a start?

Marc Abrams
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