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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
... The principle being you are already there even before the attack has begun, but not too early.
This is a timing of ikkyo I am not familiar with. Why do try to be "already there even before the attack has begun"? What is the purpose?
And to you try to have this same timing also when executing other techniques?

You dont wait for the attack to start.
When it is tori who iniates ukes attack this is not the same as being already there" inmy eyes?

Looking it at this perspective, ikkyo is not that easy...It maybe easy for you but not for me.

Only by being "ahead" of the opponent can you successfully defend.
I agree about tachi doir being more or less a training tool. But here also: Why do you have to be ahaed of the opponent? We don't practice this timing in tachi dori ikkyo.

I would think Osensei put ikkyo (first teaching) as first since it is important enough to warrant it being the first to be taught?
Wasn't this simply due to the Daito ryu curriculum (ippon dori being part of ikkajo)?

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
The only way to move as you describe, and be non-random, is aiki.
If I see it right, you understand timing as an aspect of aiki?
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