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Re: Commitment into the attack

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Now we are getting closer. How do you 'make' the attack happen?
By understanding non- disturbance, letting go, principles like this.

Someone punches or kicks or rushes to grab. You apply what I call aiki and that is motion. You move in such a way that it allows the attack to happen. You don't try to stop it or go against it. This is mind and body together.

Tai sabaki and tenkan for example are motions designed for this purpose. Motion without resistance.

Now mind. If you have fighting mind then mind is against, ready to counter, to stop, to interfere. No, you must have mind of allow, welcome, invite.

That's the discipline of mind needed for the normal 'mind' is not so disciplined and reacts against automatically.

You can even test what I say as a drill with a partner. Something I do as a drill but don't know how many others do so I can only speak for myself.

You get nage and uke facing each other with uke ready to attack tsuki, or whatever, it doesn't matter really.

Now the drill is that uke must not attack if he feels he isn't welcome.

This is one frustrating and harsh drill but essential in my way of doing things. You see if the attacker feels the least be wary he has the right not to attack. Thus it is down to nage to control his own mind and feeling towards the attacker. When an attacker feels he can safely strike he commits, that's the hard simplicity.

Thus the concept of leading the attacker takes on a different meaning for if you are causing him to attack and move in accordance, motion, the you are actually cause and he is effect.

Thus you are harmonizing with the attack and yet in control. Aikido.

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