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Re: Commitment into the attack

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
May be I didn't formulated question clear enough - how to deal with the attacks where attacker is committing only real minimum and if attack is not successful disengage immediately? I'd like to discuss very concrete training methods to face such situation.
Here's two concrete things for you. Ma-ai and entering. There is no such thing as an attacker who doesn't do a committed attack is there? He may be searching and prodding as you say but he is waiting for that moment when he commits to the strike or grab.

Practice keeping ma-ai and it will have no effect this 'real minimum' situation. Do it as a discipline, don't try to grab etc' just keep ma-ai. Then he will have to commit to get you.

Meanwhile, if the attack is so 'real minimum; and you notice this whilst keeping ma ai then you can commit, enter and take over. Another discipline. How and when to enter.

Ma- ai and entering. Two things to practice related to and vital to the subject of commitment. A process once again. no short cuts.

If you get very good then the concept of entering equals game over. Now that's commitment.

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