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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

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I have a big issue with timing from a realistic standpoint. One of the problems I have with TMAs in general is they are typcially practiced from a postion of prior knowledge and parity. That is, both uke and nage have equal balance and knowledge and begin the "fight" with one trying to off balance the other. The issue with this is that timing becomes a huge focus.

In reality, when dealing with Hand 2 Hand situations, someone is at a disadvantage. That is, someone has structure and the other person does not. So, if you are trying to get balance or kuzushi then it means that you don't have structure and the other person does.

So, the issue for me is a two part problem: "how do you gain back your structure when you don't have it" and Second, "then how do you take his".

I don't understand what do you mean by 'having structure' or 'not having structure'. I find it very weird wording. Universally understood word in aikido is rather 'position' 'posture' or 'alignment' of the body. If this what you mean, so I disagree completely. In Hand 2 Hand situation both ppl can have correct alignment. It is easy to see i.e. in boxing.


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