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Re: Commitment into the attack

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
As I see it - "commitment" is a red herring - it doesn't have much to do with whether or not an attack can be handled or not. The real problem is that most Aikido folks deliberately (but perhaps unknowingly) train to tense and weight their attack in such a way that they are easily throwable (I just heard a shihan from hombu specifically tell people to attack that way). It's not necessarily a bad thing - for training, but it shouldn't be done unless it is being done intentionally, for a specific purpose. Otherwise, you're conditioning yourself to be throwable - not such a great idea.

People who are better at attacking won't usually double weight themselves for you, so it's probably going to be pretty difficult to get that nice clean technique off the first attack.

The particular training methods ought to be...Aikido - if they aren't, then something wrong .


May be I didn't formulated question clear enough - how to deal with the attacks where attacker is committing only real minimum and if attack is not successful disengage immediately? I'd like to discuss very concrete training methods to face such situation.


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