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Re: O'Sensei teaching Aikido at the Hombu Dojo after WWII

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
It was nearly the same in Iwama. Saito was perhaps the one with the most amount of time, but even then, it wasn't extensive. There were only two training periods per day.

Morihei's daily schedule in Iwama in those years:
7:00-9:00 A.M.: Aikido training followed by a simple breakfast.
4:00P.M.-6:00P.M. Aikido training.

Now, that might seem like a lot but consider that Ueshiba split his time between Iwama and Tokyo. Not only that, but he traveled extensively and entertained guests regularly.
Add to that - in Iwama it was often the case that the actual instruction would actually be performed by Morihiro Saito, while Ueshiba observed.



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