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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
This is because I do NOT use timing at all. I use aiki. When the connection happens, at any point, they are controlled through aiki. I would suggest people learn more about the connections Ueshiba himself talked about that are his aikido. Then learn about aiki.

I have found that aiki is a very good way to practice aiki-do. Most teachers I meet and do Aikido with, are quite taken at the idea of using aiki in aiki-do and other combative s.
I agree with Dan.

Having said that...isn't the imbalance what happens as you actively complete whatever action you are taking.....don't you destabilize first? When you imbalance a body immediate signals are sent to self-correct alignment. When you destabilize without providing other signals, such as to strong a grip, that tell the uke's sub-conscience mind that something bad is about to happen then the completing action happens without any foreknowledge. You can destabilize in in number of ways, such as lifting their center, double weighting them on one side, breaking the parallels in their body, weighting them on the edges of their feet, on their toes or continuing the natural curves in their the point of imbalance.......once there you complete your actions and they are gone. The set up can be done without aiki, but you should have it for the completing....makes things easier.....
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