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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
I don't have time to discuss it in deep right know, will come back later. Only quick overview - if uke is not passive, he can regain his balance even after being totally unbalanced. That happens because nage is always making errors.
An uke (passive or not) can regain his balance because it's a totally natural thing to attempt to do. It has nothing to do with tori's errors, except in that tori should be able to prevent it through their connection. Passivity is a separate, tangentially related topic, IME, than uke's ability to recover their balance and posture.

With traditional aikido practice we may have impression that every technique is successful -- Uke always helps Nage more or less. But when Uke become very active, suddenly all delusions of grandeur go away and we are faced with painful reality -- our techniques always sucks.
In my mind, uke should be recovering naturally as it is the process of their recovery that offers tori the opportunity to effect a technique, using uke's natural recovery process. Unfortunately, our uke's are too often primed and trained to make programmed ukemi instead of a programmed recovery, with ukemi being something that just happens if tori is correctly connected and in the way of a natural recovery.


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