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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post

Timing cannot play a big part in this equation because it is very tight and it really becomes about structure. So, first, I must gain integrity in myself, then I can worry about taking his structure.
Hi Kevin

I bolded what I think is the key phrase in you post, whether you call it 'integrity', 'mind body co-ordination', or 'aiki', if this is not in place then taking someone elses structure is going to be a matter of strength, where their balance is, a bit of technique and a bit of luck, all dependant on their skill level.

There are alot of different mechanics that go into it, but simply there are two body crosses and a head. The lower cross at the hips and the upper cross at the shoulders, and then we have the head on the spine and were the head goes, the body must follow. Working in various planes and positions to break his spinal alignment is key. You can do this through Atemi as well.
I would add, where the mind goes, the body must follow. I fully agree that the physical structure is incredibly important, but it is the mind that that leads, If I control uke's mind on contact (or preferably before), his balance can be broken before he even knows it.

I won't really get into the mechanics and techniques as it is much too complicated of a conversation to go into to try and discuss over the internet.
Ah, a wise man



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