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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

I would like to question the word similarity that seems not to have been examined yet, in this thread.
I do Aikido and Kenjutsu.
Kenjutsu is a koryu art which means one has to learn it from a koryu, directly from the soke or an authorised teacher. Otherwise it is inspired by kenjutsu. Same as if you learn Aikido from a book, a DVD or a Kung Fu teacher.
The practice of Kenjutsu offers a taste quite different from Aikido as it has the flavour of its founder, in my case Musashi.
Musashi's art does move on in a different manner than Aikido.
Kenjutsu sprung from sword fight but more so from the experience of sword fighters who have thought and or meditated on their art.
Musashi wrote that his 60 first wins were due to lack of strength form his opponents or just mere luck for him. He won but did not consider his understanding of his art. This shows that kenjutsu is not mere sword fighting.
Aikiken is the fruit of Ueshiba sensei's understanding.
Thinking that all martial arts are to be compared on the level of fight is too restrictive.
In the Japanese way, one should practice and not compare. I see the reason of this in the fact that most of the people who practice compare what they know at the stage of their advancing along the way. One compares a leg when another compares the arm. Then they decide if the different bodies have similarities.
Kondo Katsuyuki sensei wrote that the day he had learn all the curriculum he got another understanding of Daito Ryu.
To see similarities between Aikido and Kenjutsu, one should learn through the curriculum of each and right through, to the end. Then if one has time and interest, one can then compare.
I am studying Aikido and Kenjutsu. At first, I had to maintain the identities of each. Now I go on studying. No time yet for the global sight and less comparison.

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