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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
As a lowly kyu ranked aikido-ka I would offer that I can handle any Shihan I have met...well...actually anyone I have met in Aikido.
This is because I do NOT use timing at all. I use aiki. When the connection happens, at any point, they are controlled through aiki. I would suggest people learn more about the connections Ueshiba himself talked about that are his aikido.
Then learn about aiki.
I have found that aiki is a very good way to practice aiki-do. Most teachers I meet and do Aikido with, are quite taken at the idea of using aiki in aiki-do and other combatives.

Ueshiba forum next?
May be you didn't read my first post - please refrain in this topic from IS\IP discussion.


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