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Re: Violence and Aikido


With respect then our views are different from each other. For me ki is nothing more than an invisible part of our body just like blood or muscle. Intangible to the eyes but tangible enough that trained people can use it to perform certain things like manipulate physical bodies without physical contact. These can be healing of self or others, causing heat and even light fires, or cutting things like paper from a distant. The examples I cite of course are not trained in Aikido thus most of us will not be familiar with it, but it exists in other schools.

So in effect, as a tool of your self it is neutral and can be used for good or evil intentions.

Man has been given self awareness that allows him the ability to manipulate his own decisions. Decisions that may run contrary to his spirit or true self. To me in any decision that he makes that runs contrary to his true self, it would be a violent one.

When people say selflessness, it is a misnomer. What they mean is egoless and is actually as close as you can get to achieving unity with your true self. A true self will not aspire to violence, but will in the natural cause of things kill animals to survive, kill malefactors that will destroy society, because it is the natural order of things not because he Wants to. He does this without his ego coming into the picture.

Aiki too should have different levels. In the beginning with conscious intention just like any other tool or knowledge, to be applied. And finally when it becomes in grain to your true self, unconsciously applied. You can emanate good ki unconsciously, it doesn't make ki good or bad.

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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