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graham christian
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Re: do a technique or flow into one?

David Santana wrote: View Post
I heard that we aren't supposed to DO a technique, but we FLOW into one.. but many times when training, I as a beginner, find myself in a position unsuitable to do the technique Sensei is teaching. I wanna know what you do when that happens (if ever), would you flow into a different technique or stops and start from the beginning? or is it just me??
Sounds like you have already answered your own question.

1: Teacher showing technique.
2: You find yourself in a position unsuitable to do it.

Positioning is out. Movement is out. Forget technique, concentrate on your positioning. Ask from that viewpoint.

So obviously you don't try to do another technique, that's a cop out.

The main reason I find people do this is because they are concentrated and determined to do the technique. The technique is the end of the motion, you could say step 4. Get steps 1,2 and three right first and then , and only then, can you'flow' into the technique.

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