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graham christian
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Re: Violence and Aikido

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Hi Graham,
LOL! Sorry I missed that in the very first sentence. Holy cow I scare myself sometimes. My excuse at present is that I've been living off 3 hours of sleep the last week or so. Well at least I got 14 hours of sleep the other day so my excuse is gone for the time being.
...And humility is yet again reinforced.

Anyhow, I agree accidents are often too easily written off as "beyond my control." It extends to intended acts of violence too. "Look what you made me do," and all that.
Nah, excuses, you had harmful intent. Ha, ha, only joking. Yeah I understand, I was doing some night shifts last week and couldn't sleep much in the day and then it caught up. Strange things happen when your tired. In fact at work if a few minor things happen like losing pencil, dropping something and missing something all in a short space of time I know it's time to stop. Go take a break, even if it's for five minutes rest. Maybe grab a bite to eat etc.

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