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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

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Szczepan Janczuk wrote:

My comment regarding timing discussion in the context of unbalancing is that I'm working hard to improve it but it is far from decisive elements. I was a big fan of timing years ago. There are also styles aikido who base entirely their techniques only on the right timing.

What I discovered, that when I'm weak, sick, injured, tired, out of shape, very old etc my capacity of producing exact timing diminish drastically. So if the success of unbalancing depends only of right timing, under heavy circumstances I'll be always helpless. I need my gross motor skills be very well trained to not depend only on those very sophisticated ones.
that is why probably ikkyo is the most important and most difficult technique in aikido because it relies purely on timing. You can only make it work if the timing is perfect.
As a lowly kyu ranked aikido-ka I would offer that I can handle any Shihan I have met...well...actually anyone I have met in Aikido.
This is because I do NOT use timing at all. I use aiki. When the connection happens, at any point, they are controlled through aiki. I would suggest people learn more about the connections Ueshiba himself talked about that are his aikido.
Then learn about aiki.
I have found that aiki is a very good way to practice aiki-do. Most teachers I meet and do Aikido with, are quite taken at the idea of using aiki in aiki-do and other combatives.

Ueshiba forum next?
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