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Re: do a technique or flow into one?

David Santana wrote: View Post
I heard that we aren't supposed to DO a technique, but we FLOW into one.. but many times when training, I as a beginner, find myself in a position unsuitable to do the technique Sensei is teaching. I wanna know what you do when that happens (if ever), would you flow into a different technique or stops and start from the beginning? or is it just me??
1. It's definitely not just you!!!

2. Ideally one would be able flow into another technique, however this is in most dojos NOT what is being called for during basic practice.

3. I would suggest neither starting over nor changing techniques. I would suggest pausing - maybe muttering to uke "hand on a sec, I need to make an adjustment" - identifying what needs to be changed to put yourself in a suitable position, putting yourself in the suitable position, and proceeding. Next time try to get into that position! Common position problems you can correct could include being too far away so your arms are overextended and you have no place to move, or having your center and feet aligned away from where you are actually aiming to go with uke.

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