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Re: do a technique or flow into one?

just my theory.

If you get stuck into a technique, you can still try making it successful by finding another line of attack or line of weakness from uke. We also have omote and ura versions of a technique. But you will find later on that omote and ura although "pure" in kihon waza can be mixed dynamically in a single technique depending on your situation. If you get stuck, do not force the technique, try finding another line, make adjustments and do the opposite version. The body, although strong is several directions is weak in several others. The fun is in trying to find these lines of weakness.

also as chiba sensei said, in any technique you need to answer 3 Ws: when, where and what. The 1st W when is the most important while What is the least important. The technique that you do doesn't actually matter (as long as it works). "When" is the timing, entry aspect: : "where" is your distance, position relative to uke: "what" is the actual technique.

You need to address the 1st 2 Ws first in order to make a specific technique successful. If not it wont work. Depending on the 1st 2 aspects, a technique is more natural to do than another so why force a more unnatural technique than the more natural one.

But if you really want to make a predetermined technique work, answer the when and where first, make adjustments and practice, practice, practice. A lot of people make mistakes in just standing there when they get stuck and trying to make the technique work. it wont. You need to adjust and move!

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