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Re: Controlling balance of attacker

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
I'm usually careful with this tool to unbalance attacker. What will you use to deliver atemi?

If you are talking here about hands, the thing is, he may know boxing better than me and will use it as an opportunity to counter.

If you are talking here about atemi with any part of nage body - it becomes very interesting, I'd like to know more how you practice it.

This approach also require regular specialized atemi training on moving targets..
Dear Szczepan,
Atemi applications can be used in various ways. You can kick your uke in the leg /groin area while/ if Uke is engaging in contact.If you apply waza[irimi nage, ikkyo , nikkyo ]atemi can be applied.Shiho nage .Kaiten nage are equally vehicles for potential atemi.Personally I only use atemi [gently ] as a wake up call when my Uke is lax.I think all new students should be made aware of atemi from the outset.Too many people think aikido is flowery and defensive.This is imo a
misunderstanding.From my perspective Tori must take the initiative,not being passive.Like the saying goes 'A good offence is a good defence.'Cheers Joe.
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